VIP Home Finder Service

Randy Molnar
Friday, January 7, 2022
VIP Home Finder Service
Your dream home is out there, it just may not be listed online at the same time you're ready to buy.  

Our VIP Home Finder Service is FREE OF CHARGE and enables you to look at properties that are not yet on the market. It puts you in the Drivers Seat because you're not waiting for a property to show up online. 

Simply tell us your criteria, the location, style and price range that you are interested in and we can show you Ideal properties that are not yet on the market. 

1. We are experts at finding LISTED AND UNLISTED HOMES that match your criteria. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find it. We will invest the money and time to make it happen. 

2. We will invest our marketing dollars to specifically target market the neighborhoods you are interested in to find you the perfect home through proven direct response campaigns. 

3. When we find a homeowner who may consider a sale (but not yet on the market) we will inspect the home to ensure it matches your criteria. 

4. If we feel the property is a match we will set up a private viewing for you, and if you love it, and decide to make an offer, we would negotiate on your best behalf at no charge. 

5. Once the offer on your new home is accepted, we can help you sell your existing home. 

Why would a seller want to sell their house this way? Some sellers don't want to deal with the hassle of preparing their home to list on the MLS and having "Tire Kickers and Neighbours" come through their home during open houses and appointments. They'd prefer simply to sell at market value to a motivated, serious buyer. Since we're not looking to
"list their house" they save on commission. 

Don't all Real Estate Agents do the same thing? The reality is that it's easier (and less costly) for agents to simply  send you properties available on the MLS. Some agents may get lucky and find your next home amongst properties they know will be listing soon, but you'll still be competing with other buyers. This service goes straight to the neighbourhoods and homes you want to buy to find willing sellers and create a match. That's the difference. 

Double Your Chances...No Obligation...You Have Nothing To Lose! Call 416-903-9480 for details. 
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