Your Home SOLD in 30 Days Guaranteed or We Pay* 

In todays market, buyers have the upper hand. They have a variety of homes to select and are careful about making an offer for fear of paying too high of a price. Sellers wait longer to sell, experiencing offers of lesser value, while their home sits on the MLS. 

What's the solution? Don't depend exclusively on the MLS to bring you a buyer. 

The Ultimate Home Selling System solves the problems buyers and sellers have in todays market

You Benefit from a Complete System That: 

  • Sells Faster, for More Money; Within 72 hours sixteen key systems activate to get you sold faster and for more money
  • Presents Your Home Exclusively to our "Buyers In Waiting Registry", our database of buyers who have been looking for properties in your area
  • Reverse Offer Program don't wait for an offer, show buyers you're serious about selling by making an offer to buyers 
  • Unique Consumer Programs like our "Trade Up To This Home and We'll Buy Yours" that solves a buyer dilemma over owning two homes 
  • Unique Marketing Technologies make it easier for buyers to connect and learn about your home easier, and with less hassle
  • Six Seller Satisfaction Guarantees ensure that we live up to our standards of performance

Don't settle for merely listing on the MLS. 

To learn more about this program call Randy Molnar at 416-903-9480, or fill out the form to make your request. 

* Seller and agent to agree on price, terms and conditions. 

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