Beat Out Other Buyers To Your Dream Home 

There are not many homes FOR SALE on the internet. 

You find your dream home listed online only to find out it's already sold for well over list price, with multiple offers. You're frustrated, and ready to give up on the dream of a new home.
Even if you won the competitive offer you probably overpaid by tens of thousands of dollars.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

The best deals and discounted homes rarely make it onto websites and many sell before they are listed with an agent. Our VIP Home Finder Service is FREE OF CHARGE and enables you to look at properties that are NOT YET ON THE MARKET. Simply SHOW US YOUR CRITERIA, the location, style and price range that you are interested in and we can show you ideal properties that aren't publicly listed! Every day our marketing program reaches out to potential BUYERS AND SELLERS and we collect information on properties that ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR SALE. We also ensure you never miss out on listed properties as well, from all real estate brokerages. You're covered in both cases. 

Here's how it works...
1. We are the experts at finding listed and unlisted homes that match our buyer's criteria.
2. We will invest our marketing dollars to specifically target market the neighbourhoods and homes you are interested into finding your perfect home.
3. When we find a homeowner who may consider a sale we evaluate and pre-qualify the opportunity.
4. If we feel the property is a match we will set up a private, exclusive viewing just for you and nobody else. 
5. We will arrange a mutually beneficial solution to both buyer and seller pricing and terms of agreement.

You are under absolutely no obligation to purchase and it won't cost you anything to participate. 

Stop Missing Out and Over Paying For Your Next Home

It's easy to get started and you have nothing to lose.

Let us know how to contact you and click the SUBMIT button to get started.

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